WhatsApp Major Update ‘Status’

whatsappstatus update

So we heard that you are in love with the Sanpchat as well as Instagram stories. CEO of Facebook knows this as well and going to bring this feature to WhatsApp too. This new feature on WhatsApp is going to be called WhatsApp Status. but you must be thinking what is the new in that? Keep on reading and we will tell you that.


Now, This latest feature which is going to be coming to WhatsApp is going to be called ‘WhasApp Status’. This feature is going to be pretty much the same as Instagram Stories. This new feature will be available in the next update release of the WhatsApp i.e. version 2.16.338 (android).

This new update will add a new page to your WhatsApp along with Chats, Calls, and Favorites. You will be able to add images as well as text in your WhatsApp Status. One more feature that facebook has decided to add with WhatsApp Status is that now you will be able to see who has seen your status. So now whoever you stalk on WhatsApp, they will know it you (haha, bad pun).

Moving to the release date of this new version, then it is not announced yet. This function is only available within the Android beta app and only available for the devices which are rooted. Eventually, it will be available across all platform.

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