6 Best Android Tricks, Tips & Hacks – 2017


Best Android Tricks, Tips & Hacks.

1. Get Paid Android Apps For Free.

Most useful and much required in all android tricks and hacks is about using paid apps. The best part about Android is that it allows you to install apps from unknown sources. This means that the app you want to install on your Android phone may not be downloaded from Google Play Store. You can download an APK file from anywhere and install it on your Android device. Hence, there are ways to get Paid Android apps for free on your device. There are multiple ways to do so and you can read more about it here

2. Root Your Android.

Well if the other android tricks didn’t interest you, this one will. A great way to unlock full potential of your Android phone is by rooting it. With the help of rooting, the user is able to get permissions to access and edit files in the system folder. This opens the possibilities of endless customisations as well as allows users to add new features. Some of the perks of rooting your Android phone are Ad free experience, in app theme support, Fonts, complete App + Data backup and much more. To know how to Root your Android, click here :

3. Install Custom ROM’s.

A custom ROM is an aftermarket software, developed by independent developers for Android devices. These ROM’s are faster, have many features and the best part is custom ROM’s are always on the latest version of Android. Hence, even if your manufacturer is not updating your phone to the latest version of Android, you can take control and do it yourself using a custom ROM. To know more about the best custom ROMs for Android and how to install them on your phone,

4. Install Android Apps on PC.

If you are anything like us, we spend most of your time on our PC’s and don’t have enough time to keep checking our phones. Hence this next trick has helped us a lot and we hope it will help you too. You can install Android apps on your PC and enjoy Whatsapp, clash of clans, Instagram and many more apps on your PC using and Android emulator. We are sure you might have heard about BlueStacks but to know more about other options available,

5. Install Complete Android OS On PC.

Another amazing trick among other android tricks and tips, you can install a complete Android operating system on your PC. Remix OS is a full fledged operating system for PC which runs on Android marshmallow. It is designed for the PC from the scratch and hence supports click and drag, gestures as well as keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste. You can even dual boot your PC to run both Windows and remix OS to enjoy the both worlds. To download Remix OS and know more, use the links given below.

6. Run Same App twice (Dual Apps).

Ever wanted to use two Whatsapp accounts? Or have you ever wondered if there was an easy way to switch between multiple Clash of Clan accounts? Then, you will surely like this one in all android tricks and tips. Following this trick, you can install any app twice and use two accounts simultaneously. To do this, install “Parallel Space” app from the google play store. The link is given below. Parallel Space also offers many features like themes to make out the difference, “Privacy” options to hide apps and make your personal life secure, and much more. Switching between apps is very easy and the trick is very stable.

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