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This calculator is built for the people all over the world who want to use the calculator like the traditional Citizen or Casio Calculator.
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* Grand Total (GT)
* CHECK – for viewing previous operations performed
* CORRECT – for deleting numbers
* M+ , M- , MRC – Memory operations
* Mark Up (MU)

How to calculate GT?
Whenever you press = the result of the current operation will get stored in the memory and subsequent results will be added to the previous results and when you press GT a final total of all these results will be combined and shown as result.
10 + 10 = 20 , 20 + 20 = 40 , 30 + 30 = 60
Now press GT
Answer: 120

How to use CHECK?
Perform the sequence of operations you want; and then start pressing CHECK to start viewing operations performed from 1st to last.

How to use CORRECT?
CORRECT will delete one number at a time.
If you want to clear the entire screen press CE or AC

How to use M+ , M- , MRC – Memory operations?
Whenever you press M+ or M- the number on the display will be added or subtracted respectively from the value present in the memory. By default the value in the memory is set to 0.
MRC will return the value from the memory and show it on the display. When pressed twice subsequently it will Clear the Memory.

How to use Mark Up (MU)?
Formula: 100*F/(100-D)
1.Enter F = 10
2.Press MU
3.Enter D = 20
4.Press %. Answer = 12.5

If you encounter any bugs feel free to drop us an email at:
Enjoy using the Calculator!!!

Download link for ANDROID DEVICES on Play Store

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