Best Pay Per Click Tools That You Can Use

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Best Free Pay Per Click Tools 2017 – Selection of the right Pay Per Click tools will save the time, provide crucial insight meant, inspire everyone, and ultimately make more money for your company and your clients.

Note: These are all PPC instruments that I utilize and need to suggest. Some I utilize ordinary, others less regularly or I have utilized as a part of the past, yet each apparatus on this rundown is profitable and time additive. None of the makers of any of these Pay Per Click devices made a request to be incorporated on this rundown or paid for the privilege.

Best Pay Per Click Tools

If you are ready to take a developing leap of your own, check out these PPC tools this year.

#1 Bing Ads Editor

If you are using Bing Ads and you should be, then Bing Ads Editor is a must-have. It is a strong all in one tool for managing your Bing Ads campaigns.

#2 AdWords Editor

If you are regularly working on vast campaigns or campaigns across multiple accounts in Google AdWords, then you must need AdWords Editor. It has almost everything you required for bulk edits and optimizations. Although it looks quite similar to the AdWords interface you are used to online, the desktop version is almost about four to five times faster and its Essential.

#3 AdWords Performance Grader

This one is free and awesome because you get a thorough audit of your AdWords account in approx 60 seconds or less with the AdWords Performance Grader.

#4 WordStream Advisor

Here is an actual review from Sharon H. on G2Crowd: “WordStream makes sense out of AdWords and goes a long way to eliminating the tension and cost. WordStream gives an important feedback on critical factors of performance, and makes it easy to improve and adjust campaigns.”I am a little preconception here. Obviously, since I am the CTO of WordStream, you should not just take my word on it.

#5 SEMrush

You should need to gain insight into the competition. SEMrush is considered as one of the best tools to find detailed keyword and domain data. It will cost only $58 per month if you sign up for their annual plan.

#6 AdEspresso

AdEspresso is a great tool for Facebook advertisers to optimize, create, and analyze campaigns. You can also check it out for free with a trial of 14-day, monthly pricing starts at $49.

#7 Google Keyword Planner

I had been shocked if you are not already using Google’s Keyword Planner. It’s an essential Pay Per Click Tool for keyword research. We use it for Search Engine Optimization, keyword research, too.

#8 Google Trends

Search trend data can be surprisingly valuable when adjusting campaigns to match seasonal demand. Google Trends is an important free data source smart PPC marketers should be consulting.

#9 Twilio

Twilio is a good option for call tracking and analysis. You can cheaply and easily buy phone numbers either local or toll-free, and record phone calls to those numbers and their costing is on a pay-as-you-go basis.

#10 Invoca

Phone calls are incredible and valuable for businesses. You just need to understand who is calling and the reason for calling. Invoice provides a solution to manage, capture, and track all those important calls. It is integrated with 30 platforms. Price starts at $1,000 per month.

#11 Canvas

With the help of Canvas tool, you can use to easily create striking display ads. Upload your assets to work with (for free), use the drag-and-drop interface to modify/add text, or pay a small fee to use images from their library. (Canvas is an awesome social media tool, too.)

#12 Share as Image

Mainly Share as Image is touted as a tool for content marketers, but now you can also use it to quickly to create awesome display ads. Just be sure to check copyrights image before taking your ad live, Share as Image offers you a free account, as well as a monthly plan, begins at $8.

#13 Pinterest

You Should Spend some time browsing on Pinterest. It is a fantastic tool for organizing , saving, and discovering amazing visuals to get your creative juices flowing.

#14 Facebook Text Overlay Tool

Facebook has one frustrating rule that your ad, it can be images and video thumbnails and they can not contain more than 20 percent text. To make sure you are compliant so that your ads can run on Facebook and Instagram, use the Facebook Text Overlay Tool. If your text spills into six or more boxes of their grid, you will have to edit your ad and then have to check it again until you get it right.

#15 Google Analytics

Google Analytics almost provides everything you need to track the effectiveness of your Pay Per Click campaigns and your website performance. It’s free but there is a Premium option for large enterprises.

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