8 Most Interesting Websites To Kill Your Boredom


It is regardless of that what number of occupations have or how imaginative you can be, notwithstanding for the individuals who dependably attempt to pick up something and take as much time as is needed, snapshots of weariness come and stick in your mind like wet latex gloves. In the event that as opposed to remaining alone with your contemplations in a day of those with low blood serotonin, you like to delay an ongoing on the Internet, today we have you secured.

This little accumulation of sites all have something in like manner: they are as pointless as engaging. Perhaps not visit more than once in your life, but rather you will have a great time for the minutes you choose to “waste” in them, and I wager you will grin in any event once.

The Useless Web

How about visiting the most useless internet sites? The “The Useless Web” (something like a useless web) will take you to any random and useless sites. So, just click the button and watch your time being wasted.

Hacker Typer

Have you ever wondered that how hackers enter many different commands so rapidly in movies, even on many screens at the same time? Well now you can do the same, simply access the Hacker Typer and type randomly. Whatever you will enter or type it will appear on the screen like the way hackers appear.

The Faces Of Facebook

More than 1.2 billion Facebook users profile pictures will get loaded when you simply open or visit this website on your browser. As it reminds us that how tiny a Facebook user looked when he/she considered as the big picture.

Weave Silk

Getting bored, just visit this website and create amazing creative works of art only with your mouse cursor. No need to know how to draw to create very cool designs.

This Is Sand

Want to do something interesting, then just visit this website and create designs with sand. Just press the C key to select the color and click anywhere on the screen to start pouring sand on the screen.

Incredi Box

This site will give you that coolness which you have always desired. As this site will let you create cool and creative sounds of your won, with just a few clicks, you can become a choirmaster.

A Soft Murmur

If you want to chill for a while, then it will be the perfect website for you, as it has awesome nature sounds which will surely remove all your strains and stress. So, just plug in your headphone and relax calmly.


It is one of the largest web directories which contains the variety of craziest, strangest and most bizarre content around you. You will gain the good amount of knowledge from this site. This website is highly addictive, and you will love to visit again and again.

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